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Topic Suggest contains 900 open questions that you can ask your partner, spouse, husband, girlfriend or friend.

This conversation assistant can be used to get rid of silent moments, to always have something to talk about at the bar or can be taken up by couples as a game to get to know their partner a bit better.

The topics are divided into categories, such as Personality, Love, Relationships, Humor, Health, Home, Children, Books, Movies, Beliefs, Sex, Career, Money, and can be easily browsed and queried.

It is also possible to add your own topics.
The app comes also with Facebook and Twitter integration, for people who want to share or tweet a certain question.

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If you have any suggestions about the app, please send them to us.

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If you want your own questions to be included in the app, please submit them. If your questions meet our quality standards, we will include them in the next release of the app.

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